Yoga for the People Inc

New Locations opening all over the World from our headquarters in Chicago

1057 W Belmont Ave. Ground Floor – Street Level Entrance.

1017 W Belmont Closed – In Motion Yoga- All packages accepted at Yoga for the People. One Block West.

Grande Opening Yoga Fitness Studio

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All you need to do is “Show up”

All you need to do is “Show up”

My name is Joe Young and I support Yoga for the People, I am only the President not a client. I do Yoga mainly for strength, for flexibility, for mind control, I do yoga when it finds me. Everyone finds their own way to being a “yogi”, after all, by definition anyone that finds their way to a mat is a “yogi”.. i don’t use a mat.

The biggest problem with yoga is most people find it intimidating. I was lucky and a friend brought me into my first class. My second class was not so easy, I went by myself, drove to the studio, parked the car and stood and looked at the door. What was inside freaked me out so bad I turned right back around and went home. I imagined walking into a room full of 20 woman in tight cloths standing on their heads. Well its kind of like that, once you get past that its pretty cool. Everyone will have their own excuses not to go to a yoga class, laugh at my fears if it helps you get past yours but find a way to get to your practice.

You will hear so much mixed information about Yoga, from studios, teachers to books…. bend your knees, dont bend your knees, what it is or isnt, what should you wear (anything comfortable, no shoes), different philosophies, I am hear to tell you put all that noise aside. Let me tell you a little secret, Yoga has been in around for thousands of years, people regurgitate the same principles and put their names on it. My suggestion is — just be, listen to your body, center yourself and you will know if the information is right for you. Yoga is not just for skinny bitches anymore, God bless them all but Yoga is for anyone who wants to better themselves.  Shed the excuse, get off your fat lazy butt, take initiative and open yourself up. Yoga will change you, not just your waist line, but how you stand, how you think.

My point in saying all this is the only thing you have to do is show up and the rest will take care of itself. Yoga is personal, people contact and ask about yoga classes. I don’t give them what they want to hear. I tell them to “Try out the class and find out for yourself,”. I believe one of the most important things to do is to find the right teacher, the instructor sets the tone of the class, find someone that relates to where you are in life. That person may change in time, hear what they have to say, take what you need and listen to your body.

I believe in tough love and am not always liked for my decisions or what i have to say. I have one goal in mind, to bring Yoga to the People. I may not be smiling all the time but il definately keep it real with you. I do this out of love for Yoga, I have devoted my life to bringing you a non intimidating affordable place to practice. This model creates more than just a great price, which brings the students, which in turn attracts the best teachers. The teachers want to be at Yoga for the People because they can teach freely, be a part of a community and approachable environment, it brings Yoga to the people at a level that no other studio can offer.

I take pride that Yoga for the People offers a world view. The instructors are all their own professionals and have their own experiences and stories to tell you. The only thing the instructors have in common is that they are all uniquely talented, strong, self disciplined and the strongest survived. They are here to show you what they know and love best without restriction.
Joe Young,

Yoga for the People Inc

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Welcome to the New Way

5 classes for $25 all the time.

Yoga for the People – Chicago

1057 W Belmont Ave. Chicago Il 60657 – Ground Floor

Welcome to Yoga for the People Chicago.

Yoga just isn’ t for dudes in suits anymore. Welcome to Yoga for the People Chicago.

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